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In a context of constant evolution, INLEX, having been a pioneer in the establishment and management of the first French Intellectual Property firm in the African region since its creation in 2016, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality services in IP expertise.


This includes areas such as trademarks, designs, patents, domain names, copyrights, geographical indications, and related contractual aspects.


Founded in France in 1995, INLEX continues its natural and undisputed development in both Africa and Europe under the leadership of its founder, Franck SOUTOUL, and his teams.


After years of partnership, the two historical partners of Inlex IP Expertise in France separated their activities in July 2023, leading to the creation of two distinct entities.


One stay focused on the French entity under a different name, while the other under Franck SOUTOUL direction retains the international image of the brand INLEX in France and abroad.


While distinguishing these two structures, INLEX has nevertheless been able to preserve its identity, heritage, and continuity. With strategically located offices in Paris, Mauritius, Cameroon, Monaco, and Morocco, INLEX embodies both the spirit of international conquest and local expertise in the field of Intellectual Property.


Clients and prospects can rest assured of our commitment to providing premier Intellectual Property services in both Europe and Africa. Our growth and expansion, marked by the establishment of multiple offices across the African continent and Europe, demonstrate our determination to serve clients in their export policies and marketing ambitions, emphasizing Intellectual Property as an inseparable vehicle for the protection and defense of their associated strategic interests.


We continue to invest in our bilingual multicultural team and technology, including our brand management software WedooIP, made available to our clients at no cost. It was essential for us to clarify certain misleading information that could be a source of confusion and ensure that our clients and partners clearly understand our existence and purpose as INLEX.


Our company name remains INLEX MEA (Inlex Management Europe Africa), and our trademark is now:



For more information on our services or to contact our team, feel free to :

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